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Unless what you said about Rowena and Gabriel counts. Yeah, there are many things one could tell you about that. Heck it seemed like from the first moment Jack mention the word altogether and Dean glanced at you, he had been unable to look in yours direction from then on. Without a classic Dean smirk that you expectedin fact focused right back on Jack. You can give Jack a few tips now. He knew just what field you meant, hell, just by the look you were giving him he felt like he could read it in your mind.

For a man that was certainly never ashamed — well almost never — about his lovelife and choices, there was something about having that kind of talk with you around that just made him turn into the most nervous and awkward teen boy he could imagine. And, again, he knew just why. And it was so damn hard to act cool, not the way you did. He gave you a small laugh but it was nervous and his eyes moved away. And something that in all honesty had been occupying his dreams for just as long too.

Who could judge him? Oh the things you did to him. He was just so thankful to Jack for speaking up at the moment… or not. I suppose we should focus on the case now.

dean x reader hot

How do you not get tired of this? Whenever the word is spoken you just… avoid my eyes, avoid me, look anywhere else but me and try to avoid talking about it too. Do I make you nervous, Dean? Not unless there is something really going on of course. Sex is perfectly normal. Species need to reproduce, to evolve and adjust and while some have managed that without it, the majority still needs to.

Or maybe on top of him. You hummed once more, a smirk evident on your lips when not only you saw how he again avoided your eyes but also the tips of his ears began to turn a beautiful shade of red, certainly matching that of his cheeks. Well, this was certainly your second favorite look on the man. I know I have plenty of both. He knew it was a risky move. Oh he knew it so well, especially with such a dangerous topic going on at the moment, but he wanted his throat to feel less dry and he took a sip of his own coffee and as expected, choked on it.

You on the other hand had a hard time hiding your smile.

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He knew it would turn out to be a mistake. He knew he would regret it one way or another. The way I did when I was younger. His eyebrows raised and his lips parted. His eyes roamed your figure and all it took was a mere second for the image to flash through his eyes and even less than a second for him to jump up from his seat as if it was on fire. His eyes wide, looking anywhere but you, as he kept his jacket closed with his hand.

Please be down. What was he talking about?While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Work Search: tip: buffy gen teen AND "no archive warnings apply". This work is a collection of various x Reader drabbles, headcanons, and preferences, cross-posted from Tumblr.

Tags will be updated as I go. Feel free to make a request! I hope this change shows in the later drabbles compared to the first ones!

Her life is ruled by contracts, men and money. She has to obey the rules, but her past is full of secrets and her future is resting in the wrong hands. But will her next client be the same as the rest? Dean and Castiel own a diner.

They are in a relationship with Sam, taking care of him and you join their family. Everything is great in Everyone is happy, life is good. What could possibly go wrong?

You swallowed and licked your lips. He turned to look in the mirror. Your happy, healthy twins, your wonderful marriage and huge house. Adam alive, me sober, Ruby in prison.

dean x reader hot

He thought he was talking me out of it, but it just made my mind up for me. He wished you out of your happy life…on purpose? Discovering a new story line lead our conquering heroes back to searching for the things they want again.

Dean Winchester, mobster boss. We need to talk to you. Of course you fucking have. This fic is basically intended to be an Ackleholics Anonymous community: a safe space for all of our confessions. The idea is that each confession will inspire a one-shot all to be posted as unrelated chaptersso that we can collectively indulge in all these filthy fantasies.

Any and all confessions are welcome, whether sweet and fluffy, or just plain filthy smutty. Scenes can range from softcore and vanilla, to sinfully kinky and fucked up. So if you've ever had a dirty thought about this drop-dead gorgeous sex god You are a hunter. Like all good hunters, you have a big bad monster that needs to be stoped. But you never expected that you would have to go to a parallel earth to do it.

Mostly gonna try to write for underrated characters, but you will see everything from marvel to z-nation and the originals. Big and massive warning for bad writing since I haven't written in over 3 years.

If there are any warnings they will of course be posted in the notes above the chapter, this includes any spoiler warnings. You're not like your brothers.Originally posted by fallenangeloflucifer. Backseat Driver - Dean gets hurt during a hunt and you have to drive him to the hospital, much to your disliking.

Anchor - Dean needs to remind his sister why she is perfect the way she is.

dean x reader hot

Hookup - Dean walks in on reader and her hookup in their motel room. Penalty On Ice - Reader secretly plays hockey until Sam and Dean find a flyer in her room and come to her game. Smallest of the Four: Part 1 - reader is the youngest of the four Winchesters and is sometimes put under a lot of pressure by her older sister and two older brothers. Heavy Metal - Dean takes sister! Come Back - Dean snaps on his sister after sister! Hero - Dean gets jealous that his sister is spending more time with Sam than him.

But when it gets out of hand, she calls her big brother for help. Bloody Hell - Reader gets her first period and her brothers help her out. Five Days of Christmas - Five imagines for five days that focus on Christmas. While Sam and Dean try to reverse the curse, Castiel is put on baby duty. I am in an area with no wi-fi for a week and wasted nearly all my data for the week reading all your fics! I was informed by a dear friend that one of my stories had been shared without my permission on wattpad, and after I contacted the person in question I decided to contact other writers whose works were also there.

I started out contacting on asks etc. Some of you only have one story there but several of you are appearing time and time again. I thought I would let you know. That was the ones I could find. Originally posted by littlemisstarlight Originally posted by theoverlordmisha. You walk into the library and see the Christmas tree that you had forced Sam and Dean to get, lit with bright lights. You wrap yourself in your blanket, heading towards the large, cozy armchair located right in front of the tree and plop down.

After an hour or two Sam wakes up and makes his way into the library and sees you nuzzled up next to the tree in a big blanket. Sam knows you too well to know that you always wake up at the crack of dawn for Christmas. There are five presents under the tree and three out of the five are very poorly wrapped. He makes a grunting noise and he points for you to scoot over. You wrap the blanket tighter against you as you move over a little for Dean to sit down.

Dean wraps his arm around you and rests his head on top of yours. Neither of you say another word to each other as you two both admire the Christmas tree.Summary : After witnessing the future version of himself, Dean worries that he will turn into the monster he saw. Cross posted on singingflames. You woke to the creak and dip of the cheap motel bed. Swiping a hand over blurry eyes, you squinted in the dark and watched your companion head to the lone, cramped table in the room.

A laptop hung precariously close to the edge, its corner dangling over. On top of that, a battered journal sat in stark contrast to the high-tech gadgetry below, well-worn pages sticking out at all angles. Numerous file folders littered the remaining table space. A half-full bottle of cheap whiskey stood tall over the clutter, the faint light from outside glinting off its curves.

He ran a hand over his face, still turned away from you. You watched his shoulders lift and relax in a silent sigh. He reached over and snatched up a flimsy plastic cup - motel amenities, at their finest - and unstoppered the whiskey. You slipped out of bed. You ignored it. He poured himself a shot and downed it in one swallow. He was slick with sweat. I did. I was heartless. I led everyone - Cas, Chuck, all my friends - I led them straight into a meat grinder.

They were decoys. That was Zachariah screwing with your head. Showing you some twisted, monster version of yourself. Not to me, not to Cas, not to anyone. He pulled free, turning away from you. He grasped the back of the motel chair, leaning his weight down on it.

His fingers tightened. They can justify anything, as long as they get the kill.

dean x reader hot

You wrapped your arms around him, hugging his back tight to you. And you care. You care so much. You heard a bit of his trademark humor color the words He reached up and covered your arms with his.

Leaning back, he tightened his grip on you.The latest GIFs for dean imagines. Dean dean dean fanfiction dean gif dean imagine dean imagines dean winchester dean winchester imagines dean x reader desperate to keep you safe from himself him being all serious and pushy spn fanfiction spn imagine spn imagines supernatural imagine supernatural imagines.

SPN FANDOM character complexity and developement dean dean fa dean fanfiction dean imagine dean imagines dean winchester imagines dean x reader endverse! Jared Padalecki Jensen Ackles Misha Collins Sam Winchester cas castiel castiel au castiel imagines castiel novak dean dean imagines dean winchester dean winchester imagines felicia day jared mark pellegrino mark sheppard misha osric chau sam sam imagines sam winchester imagines supernatural supernatural imagines superwholock.

Jensen Ackles dean fanfiction dean imagines dean winchester spn spn family spn fandom spnfamily spnfandom supernatural family supernatural fandom. New to Gfycat? Jensen Ackles dean imagines dean winchester dean winchester imagines dean winchester reader insert dean winchester x reader spn imagines supernatural gif imagines supernatural imagines.

SPN cas castiel dean dean fanfiction dean imagine dean imagines dean one shot dean reader insert dean winchester dean winchester fanfiction dean winchester imagine dean winchester imagines dean winchester one shot dean winchester reader insert dean winchester x reader dean x reader sam sam winchester spn fanfiction spn imagine spn imagines spn one shot spn x reader supernatural supernatural fanfiction supernatural imagine supernatural imagines supernatural one shot supernatural x reader.

Supernatural Fan Fiction angst dean dean imagines dean winchester dean winchester imagines dean winchester x reader dean x reader spn imagines supernatural supernatural fanfiction supernatural imagines. Jensen Ackles Supernatural Fan Fiction angst dean dean imagines dean winchester dean winchester imagines dean winchester x reader dean x reader spn imagines supernatural supernatural fanfiction supernatural imagines.He really did.

But it was so hard.

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How could he not love his brother? Dean was perfect. There wasn't a single flaw. Not in Sam's eyes anyway. He loved him since he was a little boy.

He remembered how whenever he had a nightmare he would crawl into Dean's bed and no matter how sleepy Dean was he would wake himself up and murmur soothing things until Sam fell asleep curled up next to his older brother.

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He remembered how he got a cut when he was three and he cried, and Dean kissed it and hugged Sam until he stopped crying. He remembered how his first steps were towards Dean; their dad hadn't even been home.

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He remembered how much Dean had cheered then hugged him tightly. He remembered how Dean stole things so they could have a proper Thanksgiving, or Christmas, or Easter. He even remembered how Dean put five dollars which he spent all month saving underneath Sam's pillow so he would think the tooth fairy left it, and all Dean got in return was a pointy canine tooth.

But when he neared his teenage years, he realized that it wasn't simply a younger brother thinking his older sibling was the world. He had a crush on Dean.

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He missed how he couldn't hug Dean whenever he wanted to. But Dean always let Sam hang off his arm and climb him like a tree whenever he asked. At least, until he hit his growth spurt and shot up like a weed.

Then when he started his twenties, he began to love Dean. He always did, but now he just realized it was a lot more than what he thought it was. Then he left for Stanford and met Jess and he almost forgot about Dean.

Then he showed up and Sam fell right back in love with him without missing a beat. He constantly repressed the feelings but now, Sam didn't only love him. He wanted him. How fucked up is that? That he got himself off thinking about his brother. That he woke up in the middle of the night, panting and sweaty because he had a dream of Dean and him fucking each other, and palmed himself through his shorts, releasing in seconds just thinking about him.

How he would always stare at Dean when he was shirtless and found any excuse to take care of his cuts just so he could touch him. So considering how he'd felt all those years, he thought it was safe to say he tried. Well, up until last night. He and Dean had finished a hunt and went to a bar, Dean drinking liquor like it was water and Sam chasing his. Just one glass without downing something that isn't alcoholic after it," Dean coaxed.

Sam laughed at how his brother slurred his words. He flirted with her, as usual. Sam didn't mind, really, since he always did it. And then there were the nights Dean would stumble into their motel room, completely hammered with whoever the woman of the night was and he thought Sam was asleep.

Sam was ashamed to say he got himself off multiple times listening to Dean's groans. So Sam didn't feel anything when he flirted with other women, they only lasted one night anyway.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me.

In my hometown, I'm pretty much its guardian. I protect its citizens and offer help to a select few who know I'm a witch. But one day, these two hunters come along ready to chop my head off. Those idiots! But I got to say, the one known as Dean attracts me in a dangerous way Without knowing it, she was the one thing that scared him the most; she was also the one thing he needed most. She was his angel in blue jeans. Anonymous said:Heyyy, I was wondering if you could write a oneshot for me?

Maybe it could go off the lines of dean being embarrassed because he got a boner while you were straddling him while you were cleaning up his wounds from a hunt. The reader is a werewolf; only Sam and Dean don't realize it and accidently kill the wrong person.

When it comes out that she's truly the werewolf, they soon find she has a horrible past she's running from and they end up helping her, but can Dean and her keep their feelings for each other quiet?

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The reader fully believes that she will never have the chance to be the mother shes always dreamt of being, that is until they find a baby that some demons were trying to kill. But as luck would have it, he too is ripped from her arms. As she fights along the winchesters shes developed feelings for a certain one. Who will make the first move? And Is it really to late for her to be the mother shes always wanted to be?

Crowley needs to keep TFW distracted for a short period of time so he decides to turn Dean invisible and inaudible. You and Dean patch each other up after a hunt and Dean surprises you by suggesting a weekend at Bobby's to get away from hunting.

You and Dean once had a fling when he worked a case in your city. Now he makes a point to swing by your neck of the woods whenever the boys drive through your state.

Yeah, he's bad for you, but it's hard to turn him down since you're fully aware what those sexy lips of his are capable of. Unless I'm in a fluff kind of mood, that is. Public Bookmark 1.

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Public Bookmark Based on this request: I was wondering if you could do a wincest Deanxreader nsfw; Dean is secretly in love with shy reader and one day she finds his journal full of his dreams and pictures of her? You aren't the typical alpha. At a petite 4'11" most people think that you're an omega when they first look at you. Public Bookmark 4. You shut your eyes to the light and hugged the wall, quietly whimpering and pulled your legs in toward your chest as if making yourself less of a target might somehow protect you.

You stopped moving but the tears still came and you were crying openly. You stopped fighting. Nothing could save you now. A hand gently touched your hair. Who loves who?? And who will break first?? Public Bookmark 8.


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