Discovery 3 egr remap

They had recently bought the car and although very pleased with it, they had heard the bad things about the EGR valves failing and were worried that if it happened it could cause problems with cold starting, power and going into dreaded limp mode whilst driving. We discussed the options that were available, they could just simply wait until one or both EGR valves failed and then replace them but they are not cheap or easy to replace and like most things, would probably fail at a very inconvenient time.

The remap offers a power and torque increase and at the same time, we can disable the troublesome EGR valves through the software so preventing any future problems that could arise. The remap process includes a full diagnostic fault code scan to make sure everything is OK before hand. The whole process takes less than an hour to complete and offers many benefits:.

Contact us for more info or to book an appointment. Your email address will not be published. Need help? Call Same day dispatch on all stocked items Before 3pm. The whole process takes less than an hour to complete and offers many benefits: Increased Power Increased Torque Better fuel economy Better driveability EGR valves disabled internally We can offer the Monster Remap tuning service with EGR deletes on most makes and models.

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discovery 3 egr remap

Remember Me? Page 3 of 4 First 1 2 3 4 Last Jump to page: Results 21 to 30 of Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Live with it for a while and see.

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The Nm measurement is a lot lower then actual engine specs, I'm assuming that this is because it was a measurement at the wheels? I've seen a few dyno graphs now and I haven't seen one yet that has a significant change in the shape of the curve so to speak That being said, the power delivery is a lot smoother and kicks in a lot earlier.

Sounds broadly similar to the effects of a Steinbauer chip. The linearity of it looks like an increase in target boost level across the entire range. Did they map boost before and after in any graphs? So no more discussion. Sounds like you are disappointed??

Id hardly call it a tune if all they did was wind the boost up. Originally Posted by bjasch As soon as I drove the vehicle around the city I noticed the difference.

Discovery 3 TDV6 EGR Valve Blanking Removal Delete Kit

The initial lag off the mark has virtually gone, low down acceleration is noticeably better and the engine seems to rev more freely. Dyno Graph. Originally Posted by Garfield. As Cruiseh implies, that's not cool. You would never change ramp rate within a tuning session. An increase in ramp rate will pump up the figures so to use a higher ramp rate for the final run is disappointing.

This is one of the many ways one can play with the figures to show increased output. Another is to tie down the vehicle harder for the first run than the last run. I lost 50hp by someone over tightening the straps on one tuning session. Had me perplexed for a while. It's disappointing as I'm sure the improvements are there, there's just no need to show inflated figures, or to bring the results into question like this.

Admittedly it can also be fudged by playing atmospheric temp, ambient temp, etc.We also have self tuning options available here: www.

We hope everyone stays safe at these times. We at Celtic Tuning develop all of our own software in house using the very latest equipment. All of our software is developed in our purpose built dyno cells running state of the art Dynocom 4WD rolling roads to ensure accuracy in terms of both power delivery and also to ensure fuelling, boost pressures and exhaust gas temperatures where applicable are all within tolerance.

We pride ourselves on our ability to achieve maximum power whilst maintaining optimum reliability.

discovery 3 egr remap

The stage 1 software on this vehicle is designed for use with standard components and within tolerances. This is classed as our fast road application which is the best all round performance for stock vehicles.

Contact Us Request Quote. An ECU Remap for your exotic car can significantly improve your driving experience. With improved power and fuel economy one simple step away. Tuning your truck can improve your pulling power and fuel economy. See how Celtic Tuning can help you and your fleet. Towing power is essential for any farmer. Improve the power and fuel economy of your tractor with an ECU Remap.

Request Quote.

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Stage 1. Original Modified Difference Power bhp bhp. View Chart. Stage Notes The stage 1 software on this vehicle is designed for use with standard components and within tolerances.

Discovery 3 2.7 TD V6 EGR Delete + Remap

Available Services. Select Your Vehicle. Power bhp.We can remap the Discovery at our workshop in Chard, Somerset too. We keep the Forge EGR delete kits for these in stock.

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We are Master dealers for Evolution Chips in Somerset. South west UK. We can remap your vehicle at our fully equipped, modern workshop.

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We have the latest equipment obviously. We keep up to date with our equipment and knowledge. This means your car is in safe hands. All of our Maps are dyno-tested, and proven. We will sell you a premium product from an equipped workshop, rather than out the back of a Corsa van.

Fix your Land Rover Discovery 3 TDV6 EGR problems with an EGR delete & ECU software

All software written has a lifetime guarantee. We have been remapping cars for 10 Years now from our workshop in the South West, in somerset. Within those ten years we have used many file suppliers, my advice would be to see what those files cost to the end user. Does that sound like somebody has spent decent time an development on your file? No, agreed! It shows when you drive the things too! The difference between a cheap remap that some guy comes out to you to do on your drive and a decent quality premium, professional tuned one are worlds apart.

Fancy that little bit extra? Why not book into our Rolling Road at Chard in Somerset at the same time.

Discovery 3 Remap and EGR Delete

A before an after graph so you can see the gains is often preferable, and an experience. We offer our Dyno-Dynamics, dyno cell as one of the safest places in the South West, and certainly in Somerset to rolling road tune your car.

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We have a soundproof, 4-Wheel Drive Dyno Cell. It has enough airflow to keep even the most demanding vehicles cool. It can change the air in the cell every 1. We have CFM exhaust extraction.

So many variables make a good cell. We are confident ours is one of the best rolling road workshops in the UK, let alone Somerset. We offer a strict appointment only service. This is so that our present customers get our full attention. Please bare this in mind when making an appointment.Forum Rules. Remember Me? Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of Thread: Remapping a Discovery 4. Thread Tools Show Printable Version.

Remapping a Discovery 4.

discovery 3 egr remap

I live in Melbourne and just wonder what people pay for a ECU remap. Thanks David. Join Date Aug Location adelaide Posts Regards, Tallents. Originally Posted by tallents. Power improvement but no real fuel savings. I believe there is a couple of dealers in Melbourne but really looking for the more experienced dealer. AS you stated, it needs to be done with several hours work on a rolling dyno. Also did they give you a before and after NM reading?

I live on Sunshine Coast so had main Roo systems workshop in Brisbane do it. There is also a link to video they did - mainly advertising but shows results. Note that this was remap, and exhaust up grade. The exhaust made some difference but re map made most. Thanks Meccles - certainly gives me some thing to consider - although I'd probably leave the standard exhaust on for now. Certainly the exhaust some wouldn't like. I do coming from TDV8, but it is noticeable inside car whereas original wasnt.

Plus 1 for triumph Rover spares in Adelaide I've had mine done for about 4 months now drivability is fantastic, torque curve in tge to rpm range is epic. Towing the 3. I took it back and discussed fuel consumption and they're having another look at it.

In the end if that's what it is then that's what it is but full mark's for them in terms of their backup and service.Forums New posts. Resources Latest reviews. Media New media New comments. Log in Register. What's new. New posts. Log in. Welcome to the Land Rover UK Forums You are currently viewing the site as a guest and some content may not be available to you. Registration is quick and easy and will give you full access to the site and allow you to ask questions or make comments and join in on the conversation.

If you would like to register then please Click Here. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter Dfenda Start date Nov 14, Dfenda Overdrive! Messages Points Well after having enjoyed ownership of a Defender 90 TD5 and having the best tweaks I could done to it, I have moved on to a new Discovery 3 which I bought earlier in the year. I have done 5, miles in it and it has just had the Twisted Perfomance treatment by 'Charlie', who came down to London from Thirsk in Yorkshire to remap it, what a change in performance!

Has anyone else had a remap on a Discovery 3? I will be monitoring the fuel consumption over the coming weeks and report back. Widget Big Landy Fan. Messages 3, Points What's the torque output and spread on this remap? Urban Panzer Offroader. Would just "hope" the D3 does not suffer any common "chipping" problems like the D2 does. Charlie from Twisted Performance has saved my original file, so let's see what happens in the long run, I am happy to be honest and keep this thread updated.

I had a Van Acken smart box in my Defender which was brilliant, it could be plugged in when required e. With the remap I am just concerned I am stuck with it, so it will be an interesting comparison as I have now had both. I would be interested to hear any views and experiences of other smart box and remap Discovery 3 users.

Messages 7, Points Age Any warranty issues with LR? Well this is the whole issue, when I bought a smart box I was slagged off for not having a remap, I must say the smart box did everything and more I could ask and was ultra discreet, now I get a remap then questions are raised re warranty issues, quite right too, but let's just say that I have taken those issues into account in my own way, best the question be put to those on the forum who are doing all the remaps.

I do know for a fact that LR dealers are using certain remap dealers for their clients, so I guess it depends on the issue and your relationship with your dealer. I have the capability of going back to how I was, I don't know if others consider this, but Charlie of Twisted Performance does which is belt and braces stuff.

Another aspect is your insurance, mine have been notified as they were to all tweaks on my Defender, this is to ensure that it is all above board in the case of an accident where it could be questioned to get out of a claim.

Finally, the remap of mine is a sensible one, I know some people push theirs to the limit, but that is their decision, I am not a boy racer, just want a little bit more power to tow the caravan sensibly up long hills and on the motorway with no stress. From my initial trials it passes that test with flying colours and no smoke!

discovery 3 egr remap

Let's hear from those flogging the remaps on the forum re warranty issues, and what if anything has happened in the past and how it was dealt with.As you certainly noticed, your land-rover discovery-3 become significantly slower when your Air Conditioning is on this because an AirCon system needs power to run and that power is provided by the engine. Many land-rover drivers feel frustrated while driving with their AirCon on when a simple overtake can easily become a nightmare and a full throttle is a natural reaction when they feel their land-rover is not capable to perform as they expected.

This will incur in unsafe driving conditions and much more fuel consumption.

EGR Removal Kits

We estimate an average of litres of fuel saved every A close estimate features an average of kg of Co2 reduction in the atmosphere every Every car has different output depending on mileage, engine conditions, wheel size etc. A modern land-rover is a result of a very complex technology and when it comes to modify the ECU Engine Control Unit a little error could easily lead to serious engine damages.

You might agree with us. We have a truly passion for cars. Our workshop is equipped with latest technologies for Electrical and Mechanical services, we source our tools worldwide and we are constantly training our technicians.

HiTech is a major repairer for most of Insurance companies in Australia for any car brand or car model. When it comes to tuning a modern vehicle it is very important to have an overall experience with cars, it is very important to be able to diagnose and fix any potential problem besides tuning skills and tuning equipment. Thank you guys.

Got my amarok tuned by the guys and it runs so much better than before. Improved throttle responsea lot more torquemore bhp and better fuel economy.

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Definitely recommend. Thanks Gary for an awesome tune. Turbo lag gone and acceleration is insanely quick. Remember this post when you see an SQ5 leaving you for dead at the lights…these guys can hook you up with a fantastic turbo diesel tune — highly recommend! Gary was Fantastic everything he said was true the extra power from the remapping of the computer was worth the money spent also was given a courtesy car as mine needed to get the clutch done would highly recommend them.

Had my colorado 7 tuned here a few weeks ago. I highly recommend Gary from DTA when it comes to diesel tuning well any sort of tuning actually due to his experience, honesty and expertise. He has all the latest equipment for dyno tuning and has made my amarok much more enjoyable to drive. My ute was in there for a major electrical issue which Gary and his team also fixed in great time with expertise and honesty.

I asked Gary if he could do a deal with me after the major electrical repairs done on my truck were complete d and got him to fit me in last minute before Christmas for a tune at a great price. I tow a 3 tonne tipper trailer regularly for work with my Amarok and had found the Amarok to labour with the trailer hooked up pre tune.

After the tune I gained a fait bit of extra torque and horsepower which has made the Amarok a great tow vehicle. Also having 1 tonne of material in the back of the tub the other day made barely a difference in the performance and it pulls so much harder and the boost comes on much earlier making the acceleration much more punchy.

Very pleased with Gary and his team and highly recommend him for any sort of tuning let alone diesel tuning. Also check out Hitech Automotive for his great vehicle servicing! Very professional service my ecu remap is working great totally different vehicle turbo lag almost totally gone much more responsive highly recommended.


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