German factory violins

For me, I would rather keep it tight and safe, and not touch any of the famous violins given to me…till someone decided to bid for it. They were either made by celebrated violin makers in history AmatiStradivariGuarneri. They were owned by famous historical figures. They were unique and one-of-a-kind. They were made with specific materials that were only found centuries ago They have exchanged hands multiples times in auctions and hit world record prices.

In this page, you are going to find a list of famous violins that greatly deserved to be ranked among the best and most expensive violins in the world. The list will not be exhaustive, as more famous violins will make the list as time goes by.

If you find that a certain famous violin is not present here, we do welcome you to contact us here, and you will be credited for your contributions to our list. Solomon Ex-Lambert is an antique violin made by famous violin maker Antonio Stradivari in The Messiah Stradivarius violin onis one of the most valuable violins among the Strads left in the world today. Mary was the daughter of a British peer. If anyone would ask what is the favorite violin of legendary violinist Yehudi Menuhin, it would be the Lord Wilton Guarneri.

Lord Wilton, an antique violin made by Guarneri del Gesu inwas one of the most famous violins of Menuhin because of its powerful tone. Ex-Vieuxtemps was the artwork of famous violin maker and also the fiercest rival of Stradivarius, Guarneri del Gesu. The violin is one of of his last piece of workmanship before his death in The violin got its name Cannone, or its variants, Il Cannone del Gesu, Cannone or Canon from Paganini because of its power and resonance.

As an enthusiast, musician and collector of violins I can only aspire to achieve such quality — one can but dream! Hey Nick. The famius violins on this list, I believe, is something what all music enthusiasts would love to grab hold of one day.

They are the rare gems. I have a violin made by Giulio Degani the inscription inside which i can not photograph is as follows Giulio Degani Liutista Premiato con medaglie poro a Europa et America veneliis Fosca typed and then Giulio Degani Feciebat Anno Is there any chance you could give me an approx value.

Thank you.

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Hi Tina, thanks for sharing this violin which is nearly a century old. You may want to try asking an experienced violin collector.The violin is one of the most beautiful string instruments a musician can master. Choosing the right violin to buy for your music career is dependent on a lot of factors.

German Violin Making

There are many options available in the market. There are also different best violin brands to choose from. One of the most popular brands is the Stradivarius which is known for its impeccable quality. Even if you are able to afford the most expensive violin on the market, you have to consider also your skill level as violins are classified in different categories according to skill; student, intermediate and professional level.

Even though there are no standards for each category level, each manufacturer and luthier have a way of putting violins into these different categories which you choose from. In general, student violins are typically cheap and do not have much hand work in their finishing and assembly.

Sometimes, they even come with plastic parts and are not meant for professional use. Intermediate violins are meant for those who are adept but not particularly professional players. Professional or master violins are masterpieces that are handcrafted from the finest of materials. The wood used is specially selected and processed before being put built by skilled artisans. Their values are high and violins from certain master luthiers are highly sought after by aspiring musicians and professionals.

We will be looking at 40 different violins that you should consider when you are looking to buy a best violin. It is hand-made from solid spruce and has a well-finished maple back and side wood. The chin rest has an alloy tailpiece that also contains four fine tuners which are integrated into the piece. The bow that is supplied with the Mendini MV is made from Brazilwood and authentic Mongolian horsehair.

There is also a one-year warranty included that protects you against defects from the manufacturer. This violin is very easy to work with and is highly recommended for students, beginners and those who are just starting to play.

The sound is warm and crisp for an affordable violin. The stunning finish also make it look much more expensive than it really is. The violin has extra bridges but you may not need them as it is very well made. All the same, having extra strings.Model No :.

Size :. Pegs :. Imitation ebony or ebony or jujube. Aluminium alloy. Finish :.

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Matte or gloss. Case :.

German old violin 4/4 china factory

Bow :. Jujube bow. Yes only reach the MOQ of logo. Delivery time:. Our painting is with high quality. Our violins are suitable for every people from kid to adult ,from beginner to professional.

Each violin with hard case ,bow ,rosin etc. We can provide detailed pics for you. Where is your factory and delivery port? Jiangsu Taixing,and shanghai port the two are very close. Are you a trading company or a factory? Factory with 17 years history. What is your MOQ? Usually 30 pcs. How do you guarantee the Quality? How long the delivery time?I worked as an instrument rep for Guarneri House Grand Rapids for three years in the mid 's, and then for Nashville Violins in the late 's.

I get many calls from people that are interested in a violin in this price range and the first thing they ask me "is the violin made in China? I have played hundreds of consignment instruments over the years including many German copies etc.

When an appraiser evaluates something other than Chinese and you have good craftsmanshipthe price is going to be higher. Here is a good video to check out where I compare various quality European violins.

Pricing a Violin for Sale When a violin shop chooses how to price a violin, they are not relying on the sound quality of a specific violin. They are pricing each violin based on the country of origin, wood quality hand crafted vs. So when a violin shop sees that a violin is German with a label, they auto default to a higher price just based on the country of origin.

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Every shop I have worked at, the appraiser shop owner never actually plays the violin to see what it sounds like before putting it up for sale. This concept proves that violin sound is indirectly related to sound quality. Being that I am now a dealer, I understand the reason why that is and am telling you that many brand names are made to disguise that fact. It is not because of the lack of potential, but actually more the lack of consistency.

german factory violins

This makes total sense to me, as I have purchased about 10 crates of violins from China dealt with problems every time. When I first started promoting violins, I had two middle-men that I would work with I won't mention names. Over time, I started to notice customer complaints out of some of the violins they would drop-ship, and it seemed almost like a crap shoot some customers were thrilled about the quality of each violin while others were angry. Finally I came up with a solution to this that I'll share with you.

It involves obsoleting drop-shipping and focusing heavily on quality control. I recently found a Chinese guy that plays in a professional orchestra that is obsessed with the sound of each violin he sells to me wholesale.

He was actually the first one to explain to me that the distance between the bridge to the start of the tail piece should be 5. I was skeptical but after he adjusted a violin for me, I was shocked at the difference projection increased x2.

He is that kind of guy, and he was very real with me about the process in China.Buying a violin is a serious decision that a beginner or advanced violinist can make because it is an expensive investment. And to an untrained eye, violins may look alike but in reality, there are various types of violin in terms of size, quality, make, and sizes.

As someone who is at the early stage of violin playing, it will be beneficial to read about student violin reviews. Here, we have created a guide to help you, whether you are a beginner violinist or an intermediate one, taking into consideration the affordability and quality of violins.

This article includes fifteen best violin brands for beginner, intermediate or advanced players, as well as violin reviews of some of the best student models on the market. And to assist you fully in picking the best violin, we have scoured the internet, asked violin professionals, and browsed dozens of books to answer the following questions :. So, before you spend a hundred bucks or more, be sure to read this violin buying guide so you can make an informed decision on how to buy a violin.

Fiddlerman Artist. Bunnel Pupil Violin. Cecilio CVN Violin. Stentor is one of the most popular violin brands on the marketproviding a range of long-lasting, and high-quality instruments.

It is a Chinese violin brand that is proud to offer handcrafted violins that are not out of reach for those that need to be careful with their budget.

Stentor is often suggested by violinists and violin instructors as one of the best acoustic violin brands. Mendini is another low to mid budget violin brand, that is ideal for beginners and those still at a lower grade. They might be factory made, but the instruments offer good value for money and produce tones of a medium quality.

Cecilio violins win affection from violinist of all levels, with their handcrafted violins and best quality bows. Fiddlerman instruments are blowing away its competitors because the makers produce only the best violins in the market.

Fiddlerman — Pierre Holsteinhimself curates and tests the violins they produce. He is a professional orchestra player with 40 years of experience. Made in China, Franz Hoffmann violins are beautifully crafted, with a brilliant, dependable, and consistent tone.

You will stand heads above other beginner violinists in orchestra with one of these reliable instruments. Their superior violins are guaranteed as the best quality instruments for their price range. If you are willing to pay a bit more for your violin and looking for the best violin brands for advanced student, the Carlo Lamberti, also by SHAR music, is a great stepping-stone out of the beginner to advanced beginner violin category.

german factory violins

Many great violin teachers consider this Carlo Lamberti violins to be the best violins for intermediate and advanced students, and we have to agree. Kennedy Violinsfounded by Mr. They have a wide variety of classic and contemporary violins. This is one of the violin brands that we would not leave off the list for its remarkable playability at a price that will certainly not break the bank. Cremona instruments are made in Asia.

They are Chinese violins that are one of the first violin brands among major violin manufacturers to import in USA. Cremona is an award-winning company that was founded inand is renowned for making high quality violins. Master maker, Scott Shu-Kun Cao has crafted top-quality instruments and that musicians love all around the world. He is rightly considered one of the best contemporary violin makers in the world.

With such a reputation, you can relax that any student model sold under his name will be of the highest quality.My violin. In the restaurant of the Hotel Alpenrosethe ancient dining room smelled so strongly of sausage and cheese that the air itself seemed smoked.

german factory violins

In a booth, a whiskered man picked at a zither, his whirligig tunes adding to the festive atmosphere. All the staff wore traditional Bavarian costume, as did several of the guests.

My waiter explained that lederhosen and dirndls —the apron skirts worn by the women—are the Sunday outfit of choice for many locals.

german factory violins

Few places in Bavaria, I discovered, can claim as strong a grip on local tradition as Mittenwald. At Alpenrose, I ordered a beer. Dinner was a skillet of melted cheese and noodles. Whole production lines emerged, with some families making the fingerboards, some the necks, others the scrolls. Then he put her down on his desk and measured, scrutinized, and stroked her.

Search for the best-sounding wood - Made in Germany - Handmade

His grin was succeeded by a frown, then reappeared, only a little chastened. I was the betrayed housewife, the illegitimate child, and the woman who discovers she has been unwittingly dating an evil twin, all at once. After my 20 years of taking it on trust that this violin was a year-old German, she turned out to be a fraud.

I felt oddly ashamed. But gradually the music took over. The violin-making museum, situated in one of the charming old residences behind the town church, houses an impressive collection of instruments. But the very first exhibit was an original Mathias Klotz.

And however hard I squinted, it was clear that my own violin did not share a family resemblance. Still, I scoured the cases in the next rooms. A nephew? A distant, distant relation? Cities We Love. Holiday Travel.I contacted you with a request to return these tuners and get tuners that will fit my guitar. Please let me know what I need to do to return the tuners I received and order correct ones.

Thank you! I will ship with tracking to the continental United States. Alaska, Hawaii, and international shipments may incur additional charges. Taxes are charged in the following regions either by the seller, per their tax policy, or by Reverb as a Marketplace Facilitator:. Repairadise Instrument Repair.

Please confirm your email before sending messages. Sorry, this listing is no longer available. Description Nice early 20th century trade violin. German factory made and imported by Bruno in New York. Most of these you find are copies of Amati, but this one is a Strad copy, which is much less common and is of higher quality than the Amatis. The back and sides are made of very highly flamed maple.

Original golden brown varnish is in good condition. There are no cracks, repaired or otherwise. New ebony chin rest and Tonica strings. It has a set of planetary gear pegs that work great, and they are installed in normal sized holes, unlike some planetary pegs that require the holes be drilled out larger.

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Any luthier could replace with traditional pegs and not have to fill the holes. Nice warm and clear sound with good projection, especially for a violin in this price range.

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At the current price, the violin will no longer ship in the Bobelock case that is in the pictures. I will ship the violin in a different case which, depending on what I have at the time, may be only good enough for shipping. Condition Very Good Used. Very Good items may show a few slight marks or scratches but are fully functional and in overall great shape. Seller Reviews. Washburn Taurus Fretless Bass Natural. View All Reviews.


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