Mithun animal drawings

However, our tricks and tips to make them busy in artworks. Make them proud of their own drawings. Have you heard the story of ugly little duckling?? But in reality ducks are beautiful particularly when your little ones draw it. Draw curves like inverted S, join it. The same can be applied to animals. No matter how much you fight with them you always miss them when they are not around them.

This quarantine has given a very good time to enjoy life with family. But all of them hello kitties for their charm and cuteness. Have fun and engage yourself even in quarantine!! Your email address will not be published.

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Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Growing children are Connect with us. Enlighten Your Budding Artist! Is your child bored with online classes and constant scoldings from you??? Continue Reading. You may also like Click to comment. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. More in Drawing.

mithun animal drawings

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Luckily, there are some talented folks out there who somehow always find a way to remind us about that. One of these people is an India-based wildlife photographer named Mithun. Mithun is a wildlife photographer with a particular love for big wild cats, especially leopards.

By the way, Bored Panda had a chance to ask Mithun some interesting questions about his works, so make sure to scroll down and find out what he told us! More info: Instagram Facebook. Image credits: Mithun H Photography. In this photo, you can see a leopard and a black panther standing behind her. These wild cats are captured in such a way that it almost seems as if the black one is actually the shadow of the one standing in the front.

Moreover, both cats are calmly staring at the camera. This photo quickly went viral, since people were absolutely mesmerized by this spectacular view. I had waited 6 days for this in the same spot since I could hear the panther and Cleopatra mating about meters away in the thick undergrowth, but could not see them due to limited visibility. They had made a large kill and would not move until it was over.

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That is where the knowledge and years of experience of following and tracking the panther came in handy. I just had to wait at one of his favorite paths, since that was the place he would get her, since that was the edge of his territory, and this he did after 6 days. It was a fruitful wait, though. I could wait for 6 years for a moment like this. You never know what you are going to encounter at the next bend. The woods are mysterious, and to unlock that is my passion.

You could be waiting for days and months and years for that perfect shot. But when it happens, those few seconds are magical, and to live for after all that time. That is the beauty of wildlife photography.

Photography was a means to immortalize the moments I see in the wild. Picked up my first camera in and was treated a magnificent sight of a huge male tiger swimming and wading through a flowing river with ease. Leopards, in particular, were my first love. The agility, the grace of this feline on the trees just fascinated me to no end. Have named and followed their individual journey in Kabini for the last 12 years now. For many, wildlife photography can seem like a really dangerous activity.

But if you know your limits and study animal behavior, which is the most important facet, then you have won half the battle. These beautiful creatures are generally more scared and shy than we think.

Give them space and let them get comfortable with you and you realize how close and personal you can get with their world. The secret is patience and respect. We were curious to ask Mithun which one of his works is closest to his own heart.

They are the most neglected of the big cats across the world and in danger because of conflict with humans on the edges of the forests. People need to realize the beauty and grace of this amazing feline and their very important role in the ecosystem. Like what you're reading?The typical wood-carved ethnic art motifs of the Naga people of north-eastern India were abstractions of mostly animal forms, with a defined relationship to important aspects of the ancient Naga animistic tradition.

Each motif had a symbolic aspect. Human figures or sculpted heads related to fertility or the head-hunting warrior tradition were inscribed on wall panels or as individual ritual art pieces.

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Bison heads, tigers, elephants, snakes, hornbills, barbets, lizards and monkeys were the common animal motifs all of which were symbolic of variously favoured human traits like valour, fertility and power or strength which were the core values of the traditional social system.

Within the large pantheon of symbols, the hornbill and the Indian bison or mithun were the most common motifs among the diverse Naga tribes and had great relevance and symbolism in the Naga tradition. The animal and celestial motifs found in Naga architecture were stylised with an intrinsically stark bold beauty. The mithun gayal or the Indian bison bos fontalis is synonymous with Naga culture. Being semi-domesticated, and having a designated owner even though it lives in fenced-off tracts in the wild, the human-animal relationship is unique.

It is the state animal of both Nagaland and Arunachal Pradesh. The mithun head or horns are almost a signature of Naga architecture inasmuch as they overshadow all other motifs in their magnificence and variety especially in the vernacular wooden architecture of the many tribes of Nagaland.

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The magnificent Great Indian Hornbill is considered to be the largest member of the hornbill family and its statuesque appeal contributes to its huge significance in the Naga cultural ethos. Scientifically known as Buceros bicornisit is found in the forests of the Indian subcontinent, the Malay Peninsula and Sumatra, Indonesia. Hornbill heads carved on the Konyak chief's Ang bed.

The bright yellow and black casque resting above the huge bill of the bird adorns many a Naga headdress, as also its striking black and white feathers which are highly prized and priced! As befits its majestic appearance, it remains a symbol of the chief especially among the Konyak tribe, and hence denotes both power and status. The adult is very colourful with a blue head, large yellow bill, brown back and breast, green and blue streaked yellow belly and red vent. It is found in house ornaments of the Sema tribe and carvings of the Konyak morung or dormitory where it symbolizes luck and consequent fame.

These representations were more common amongst the Eastern Naga although some of the Western Nagas like the Sema also held the tiger in high esteem.

Front gate with carved motifs, Sema tribe, Zunheboto district. Woodcarving Traditions of Nagaland. Bibliography Woodcarving Traditions of Nagaland. Image Gallery Woodcarving Traditions of Nagaland. Visual and Material Arts. Tribal Motifs Wooden Architecture.We recommend moving this block and the preceding CSS link to the HEAD of your HTML file.

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mithun animal drawings

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His depth of knowledge in both statistics and R and his passion for teaching are the major contribution to the success of this class. I took this class out of general curiosity and the fact that it used Python, which is increasingly attractive to me in building my own software tools. To my delighted surprise I found the course to be one of the very best (out of more than 20) I have taken at Statistics.

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Allan Leis is a seasoned professional, working in the field, and it was a luxury having him cast an experienced gaze on my rudimentary code. It's the kind of thing that would never happen in a MOOC and shows the value of a course such as this.

Within 2 weeks of taking this class, I was able to produce far more informative plots than I ever had before. I'm inspired to take more classes and learn as much as I can about this wonderful new world. A friend recommended it several years ago, but I opted for free MOOCs instead, which haven't worked for me. The small size of the classes, the attention by the instructor, and the assignments bode well for learning.

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mithun animal drawings

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mithun animal drawings

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